Dog Sitter-in-Residence

Hey, other freelance artists who love dogs and supplemental income! Why aren’t you dog sitting? 

For the past several months I’ve been balancing photography commissions with working as a sitter for Rover, a platform where people can book dog sitters and walkers through an app. 

My first client booked me for a long weekend towards the end of April, which I spent looking after their very sweet boxer and even sweeter pit bull. It felt like I’d booked an Airbnb with a bonus “borrow homeowner’s dogs” option. I adore dogs and these ones were especially well behaved, so caring for them was easy. I spent most of my stay working on my laptop while the dogs napped by my side or rolled around in the backyard. 

Since April, I’ve had so many people book me that I’ve had to raise my rates just to keep up. Before I knew it there were only two days in September when I’m not scheduled to dog sit. 

In an era of “sponsored content” I should add that I wrote this of my own volition for free. I wanted to share how gratifying this work has been for me because I know a lot of artists who wouldn’t mind getting paid to hang out with dogs. It’s not every day you find rewarding, low stress, flexible, freelance work that pays decently and doesn’t take time or energy away from your art. 

Plus I wanted to post some of the neato dog pics I’ve taken while on the job, took so I figured I’d say something about the thing while I’m at it. 

I’m not one to turn down a referral bonus though, so if you do decide to give it a go then sign up with this link and I’ll get $50 when you do your first walk or stay. 

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