Freeman Friday Round 3

Some days, grief and frustration help me express myself clearly. Other days, I don’t know the first thing to say. I sat down to write a blog post about last week’s Freeman Friday protest and found that today is the second kind of day.

I was going to write about how gut-wrenching it was to hear James Clark’s shaking voice talk about how his son was afraid of the cops.

“He was a young man trying to get his life together, 24 years old…Me and Jamar, we talked a lot. He told me, ‘Dad, I am scared of the police. I wouldn’t never do anything to provoke them to hurt me in any kind of way. Whatever they say, I would do it.’ And I know that Jamar is not that kind of person that would try to do what they said on the news that he did, and I know that he didn’t. And for a man that had no knife, no gun, laying on his back, why should they have to use deadly force using a gun to shoot him in the head?”

I wanted to write about the video I recorded of Dennis Cherry, a witness to Jamar Clark’s murder, telling Mike Freeman what he saw that night and urging him to charge the officers responsible for Clark’s death.

I’ll let Dennis speak for himself:

I wanted to write more, but right now I can’t. This work sometimes leaves you without any words, let alone good ones, and that’s okay. Just keep going.

For more coverage, check out Unicorn Riot’s [post] on the protest.

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