Reclaim Photography Festival

Exciting news! One of my photographs from Standing Rock was chosen for Reclaim Photography Festival 2017’s exhibit Reclaiming Our Cultural Landscapes, hosted by the Light House Media Centre in Wolverhampton, England. 

See the rest of the exhibit images and read more about the festival [here].

Work Published: Progressive Magazine

I photographed last weekend’s Pipeline Fighter Summit and March to Give Keystone XL the Boot in Lincoln, Nebraska for Progressive Magazine. You can see the photo essay on their website or below:

Indigenous Environmental Network organizer Joye Braun from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, wearing an Oceti Sakowin shirt from her many months at the Standing Rock camps, waits to speak at the Pipeline Fighter Summit in Lincoln, Nebraska on Sunday, August 6. Braun, like many of the other speakers at the summit, called on attendees to stand up against TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline, which awaits final approval pending public hearings this week before the Nebraska Public Service Commission.

Horseback riders from the Kickapoo Nation lead the March to Give Keystone XL the Boot, which began and ended at the Nebraska State Capitol following that morning’s Pipeline Fighter Summit. Both the summit and the march had a diverse crowd of attendees, including farmers and ranchers, native tribal leaders, representatives of environmental groups such as and Sierra Club, and busloads of activists from other Midwestern states.

More than 500 people from across the country showed up to march on the eve of a weeklong public hearing before the Nebraska Public Service Commission, meant to determine if the once-dead Keystone XL project serves the public interest. At a rally beforehand, John Crabtree, a campaign representative with Sierra Club, said “the only people who would benefit from this pipeline being built are oil executives in Canada, while Nebraskans would face the daily threat of a devastating tar sands spill.”

An onlooker watches the march pass from inside the Bennett Martin Public Library.

An onlooker watches the march pass from inside the Bennett Martin Public Library.

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