Taking the Plunge into Off-Camera Light

I used to be one of those photographers who prides herself on only shooting in natural light. Why is this a point of pride? you might ask. I have no idea. But I’ve met plenty of photographers who talk like it is.

I realized after some soul-searching that my insistence on natural light was mostly a crutch to avoid learning off-camera lighting. I figured I should make a serious attempt at building my artificial lighting skills before deciding it’s “not my style.”

That’s why I bit the bullet a few weeks ago and bought a hot pink AlienBee and an umbrella, which I used for the first time on this portrait shoot for the Daily Planet. I’ve used AlienBees several times before but I’ve never taken one outside the studio.

Robert was gracious while I took my time setting up. This shot is one of the first 10 I took.

I have a lot to learn about manipulating light, but I feel good about my first artificially lit assignment shoot and will be hauling that pink eyesore around with me for more in the near future.

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