Annabelle Marcovici is a (✓) photographer (✓) writer (✓) poorly disguised shark in a trench coat  (✓) journalist (✓) artist (✓) constantly changing (into a larger, better disguised shark)

Much of her storytelling engages with communities that go against the grain in their interactions with geographic space, each other, and the world beyond their present locale. Her work explores the ways such communities challenge oppressive power.

In addition to her storytelling work, Annabelle is a photo editor for the Institute for Nonprofit News.


The Washington Post, Huck Magazine, People, NBC, New York Times Lens Blog, The Intercept, Progressive Magazine, Mashable, Earth First Journal, St. Thomas Lawyer, Twin Cities Daily Planet, Southwest Journal, Miami Rail, POSI+TIVE Magazine, Downtown Journal, Insight News, F-Stop Magazine, Whitman Magazine

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Current location: Minneapolis, MN

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