Always So Close to Not Existing at All is a meditation on the sublime inevitability of loss. How massive it feels to face even in small doses.

35mm film, 2017

a transparent bubble with white inner tendrils over a blue, pink, and orange gradient
the sun's fiery surface partially fills the frame
the inside bowl of cotton candy machine filled with red, sugary remnants
man in a long-sleeved white shirt lies face-down on white sheets turned away from the camera in one half of the image, while in the other half his arm is punching into the white sheets
red and yellow ketchup and mustard containers engulfed in shadow, partly framed by a blue triangle dividing the background
closely cropped image of a billboard picturing a red and white New York jersey and a gold chain
bright, star-like lights against a black background
pink balloon on a crumpled white comforter
smashed orange on a dirty, blue-looking sidewalk at night
diptych of the same white door from slightly different angles
silhouette of two figures at night overlooking a bright, blurry cityscape
bright, star-like lights against a black background
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