Trump in Minneapolis

On October 10th, I covered President Trump’s rally in Minneapolis for Bloomberg. TIME and a few other places also ran my images. This was Trump’s first rally since the House impeachment inquiry began, and the first presidential rally I’ve ever covered.

It took me a while to narrow down a set of images that capture the uneasily mundane festivity of a fascist rally. I’m still not totally sure these do, but nonetheless. Here they are.

Color in Reverse

I’ve done two portrait shoots with my friend Josh Hubbard for his music project Color in Reverse, and somehow managed not to post either on my site! To correct that oversight, here are the best images from both shoots. 

Josh is a phenomenal up-and-coming musician based in Minneapolis. You can listen to his music and learn more about him on his website

Lara & Nick

Getting to spend a gorgeous summer afternoon photographing Lara and Nick’s engagement session was a true pleasure. We first went to Caffetto Coffee House in Uptown, Minneapolis to play a few rounds of pinball in the basement, then we walked around the chain of lakes talking and laughing and snapping pics.

I’m looking forward to making more gif portraits like that first one soon. Stay tuned!

Still Unstill

Photographing musicians is fun. Everyone’s allowed to get a little weird, like deciding to embellish a nature preserve with a dining table and chairs, a nest of pasta and eggs, and a miniature upright piano. Those were the props of choice in my recent shoot with the Minneapolis-based band Still Unstill

The mini piano I mentioned will be the front and back cover for their upcoming album, which has yet to be finalized but will probably look something like this mock-up:

I also got to photograph them live at a recent Seward Cafe show. If you’re local to the Twin Cities and have a chance to see them perform, I recommend it. Watch this space for updates once they release their album!

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