Scenes from Nothern Spark

I covered Northern Spark, Minneapolis’ annual all-night art festival, for The Southwest Journal. You can see the images on their site or check ’em out below.

Images of melting glaciers and icebergs are projected onto the Gold Medal Silos as part of a project called “Ice Fall – Feel The Change.”

People write on white flags as part of the piece “Surrender: What are We Willing to Lose?” According to the Northern Spark website, the piece “challenges visitors to examine their choices, literally and symbolically raising the white flag of surrender to climate change.”

A Northern Spark attendee touches plants inside Afterglow Garden’s greenhouse marked “Preserved June 11, 2016.” As the Northern Spark website explains, “The box is a greenhouse time capsule that houses herbs, moss, succulents, and flowers from a bygone era which visitors may smell, touch, eat and admire.”

People write intentions for their community on quilt squares as part of the project, “Then a Cunning Voice and a Night We Spend Gazing at Stars.”

The Great Tamareda, a Real Housewives Tarot Card Reader, reads someone’s tarot from inside “The Change Booth.”

People watch as 12,000 pounds of Lake Calhoun ice slowly melts. The ice is part of “Phase Change, a project that represents climate change.”

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